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Petition to Rt Hon Theresa May re Neo Nazi Rally in Golders Green

The following has been sent to the Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Theresa May today, 27th May 2015.

Dear Home Secretary,

We are the Co-Chairs of the North West Friends of Israel, an organisation based in Manchester, with a 3500 membership.

Our organisation was formed in the summer of 2014 following the disgraceful scenes we saw on the streets of Manchester.  One of our aims is to combat anti-Semitism wherever we see it.

As you will be well aware, on 4 July 2015 neo-Nazis are organising a “protest” against  what they describe as the “Jewification” of Golders Green.  I am sure you will agree that the word “Jewification” itself is so abhorrent that it is not only racist but is likely to incite a breach of the peace amongst those opposing this disgraceful “protest”.  This is not a “protest as such but an incitement.

The “protest” is to be held in Golders Green on the Sabbath.  I understand that a number of organisations including the Board of Deputies, CST, the Jewish Leadership Council and the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism have all made representations to the Metropolitan Police and, I assume to you also.

The Manchester Jewish community has been the subject of a significant increase in the numbers of anti-Semitic attacks, reflecting the growing and worrying trend across the country.

We have been contacted by a number of our members who intend to travel to London to counter this incitement, such is the strength of their feelings.

This is a link ( ) to a  petition we launched containing some 10,000+ signatures.  I would ask you to note that these signatures were obtained in a very short period of time – 8 days.

We urge you to ban this so called “protest” to send a signal to any would-be racists and opposers of democracy that this country stands firm with its ethnic minorities.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

R Bloom

A Dennison

Co Chairs – North West Friends of Israel

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