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IDF IsrAction 2018

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Sustain The South - Support Our Soldiers!

This Chanukah 2018 we are running a special IDF IsrAction campaign.

To donate CLICK HERE

We will be sending hot food and doughnuts to our brave Chayalim guarding Israel on its Southern Borders as a lovely Chanukah treat.

This food will be purchased from businesses located in Southern Israel who are facing economic hardship due to the ongoing attacks and need help.

  • £5 will buy five jam doughnuts

  • £5 will buy one shawarma

  • £10 will buy one large pizza pie

  • £20 will buy one large pizza and 4 large portions of chips

  • £125 will buy a unit of 30 soldiers falafel in pitot and side dishes

To donate CLICK HERE

Thank you for your support! Todarabah!

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