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PSC - The Big Lie

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign claims to be about justice, against racism and anti-Jewish prejudice.

In 1925 Adolf Hitler in his book Mein Kampf wrote about the big lie. Goebbels used this again when he said: if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it then people will begin to believe it.

90 years after Hitler and 75 years after Goebbels the big lie is being used again. This time by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Their claim to be all about justice is a sham. It is thinly veiled disguise for their desire to destroy Israel, to wipe the Jewish homeland from the map and deny the Jewish people self determination. The PSC are not fighting anti-Jewish prejudice, they are creating and supporting it. And now with their hysterical attack on Waitrose for featuring Israel in their magazine they are demonstrating clearly the hatred behind their aims.

The PSC do not want the Jews to have a state. They do not believe Jews are entitled to self-determination and their odious claim to have some form of justice at the base of their campaign is just another big lie.

North West Friends of Israel is a group dedicated to supporting the truth about the Jewish state. The PSC lie now is as big as that of Goebbels. They want to destroy Israel and their attack on Waitrose is just another reflection of this desire. NWFOI is certain that the PSC is racist in the way in which is seeks to deny Jewish self-determination. Free speech is one thing, mob rule as practiced by the PSC is something completely different and entirely unacceptable.

NWFOI will be compiling a portfolio of all the material produced by the PSC in the recent Waitrose matter and be considering all the legal options available to expose the PSC in their true light. In the meantime Waitrose is to be commended for not bowing down to the bullying dishonesty of the PSC.

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