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PRESS RELEASE: Boycott Movement Fuels UK Antisemetism

Boycott Movement Fuels anti-Semitism

North West Friends of Israel

For immediate release – 14th January 2015

The shocking statistics revealed today with regards to anti-Semitism should be a harsh wake up call for the Government, Police and Local Authorities. The fact that over 50% of UK Jews are considering leaving the UK is extremely sad when the Jewish community has always contributed greatly to the fabric of life in the United Kingdom.

Raphi Bloom, Co-Chair of the grassroots organisation North West Friends of Israel says “The Government, Police and Local Authorities cannot ignore anymore the role that the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement plays in stoking the fires of anti Semitism. By organising protests outside Jewish shops that overtly tell the owners, staff and shoppers themselves that they are “child murderers”, have “blood on their hands” and are “Zio Nazis” or “Nazis” the BDS movement is guilty of engaging in, and encouraging, anti Semitism”.

North West Friends of Israel calls on the all the relevant authorities – central government, local authorities and the police – to act swiftly and to make full use of current legislation to take a zero tolerance approach to these inciteful demonstrations and to actively consider new legislation to make such protests outside Jewish businesses unlawful.

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For further information, please contact:

Nadine Lewis,

Notes to editors

1.  North West Friend’s of Israel is a grassroots organisation inspired by the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic action targetting “Kedem”, a Jewish shop in Manchester. It brings pro-Israel activists together and as a tool to coordinate activity in support of, and to advocate for, Israel, fight BDS and expose anti Semitism.

2.  NWFOI recently held a peaceful rally against anti-Semitism in Manchester City Centre attended by 2,500 people of all faiths and nationalities, including Christians, Kurds, Hindu’s and Catholics with attendees travelling from as far away as Brighton and Glasgow.

3.  Tescos and Sainsbury’s are continuing to be targeted by the BDS movement as they retail Israeli produce.

Download the press release here – Boycott Movement PR

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