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John Mann in Conversation with Ivan Lewis – Key Tweets as tweeted by @NorthWestFOI

@IvanLewis_MP – we have great respect for @JohnMannMP and his support for the Jewish community.

@JohnMannMP – it should not be Jewish MPs fighting anti Semitism it should be all politicians otherwise who else will

@IvanLewis_MP – when is the line crossed between legitimate protest at Israel govt and anti Semitism?

@JohnMannMP – line into anti Semitism crossed this summer. Most Jews are Zionist & demonizing of Zionists is demonizing Jews & is racist

@JohnMannMP –  I see prejudice against Jews from politicians around the world & they think less of me because I fight for Jewish people

@IvanLewis_MP –  many ppl annoyed by Labour party actions with regards to Israel and Gaza and Palestine statehood how does @JohnMannMP respond to this.

@JohnMannMP says Ed Milliband mid East strategy is un-thought out and has told him so.

@JohnMannMP – there is an organised campaign of anti Semitic targeting of MPs to remove Jewish MPs & pro Zionist MPs from House of Commons

@johnmannmp – Twitter ideologically opposed to any censoring. Law needs to be better at prosecuting. CPS working on this.

@JohnMannMP – fight against racism in football is working but we will keep pressure on @FootballAssoc

@JohnMannMP – I congratulate North West Friends of Israel for doing its job

@JohnMannMP – UK Jewish life not as bad as France but Jewish community’s biggest danger is apathy

@JohnMannMP – if UK had a Jewish Prime Minister anti Semitism WOULD rise

@JohnMannMP – if Public Order Act needs strengthening to protect businesses from boycotts we will strenghten it

@John MannMP – Gerald Kaufman should retire now 📷

@JohnMannMP – Many MP’s stay silent on murders & rapes in Africa & on child abuse but shout about Israel are anti Semitic

@IvanLewis_MP – UK Jewish community should shout about its achievements and Israel’s proud and loud

@IvanLewis_MP – Jewish establishment often does not know what goes on on ground re anti Semitism which is why I support North West Friends of Israel

@JHunters_Corner – sometimes our actions define us. Galloway’s jokes were racist & offensive. I had to confront him

@JHunters_Corner – I called Galloway the racist he is & he told him I don’t debate with racists which is what he is!

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