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Israel vs Wales

NWFOI hosted two events for the Wales vs Israel football match which was played in Cardiff on 6th September 2015.

We organised tickets and a coach of supporters from Manchester to soak up the atmosphere and cheer on Israel, loud and proud. It was a great day out and an amazing success. Everyone was touched by the welcome we received in Wales, being clapped as we were escorted through to the away end. With special thanks to the Police and Stewards of the match who were incredible and when just one Palestinian flag was raised briefly at the start of the second half, the perpetrators were immediately escorted out of the grounds.

The football match was preceded by a show of support for Israel in reaction to a planned (but incredibly poorly attended) rally by the BDS/PSC.

NWFOI also hosted a live showing of the match at Maccabi, attended by over 60 people who watched the match on a big screen and ate hot dogs whilst cheering on the Israeli team.

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