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Advocating for Israel
Fighting Antisemitism
Combatting BDS

Welcome to the North West Friends of Israel, an organisation formed in the summer of 2014 to advocate for Israel, fight antisemitism and counter the antisemitism of the BDS.

NWFOI was initially set up by a group of individuals in Manchester, England who counter-acted the anti Semitic BDS campaign that targeted Kedem, a Jewish owned shop in Manchester that became the target of anti-Israel propaganda during the Protective Edge conflict between Israel and the proscribed terrorist organisation Hamas.

Since 2014 NWFOI has grown to become the largest pro Israel grassroots organisation in the UK. Activities include community rallies, speaker events, adviocacy training, the annual IsrAction Day (now a global event), street advocacy, school and union education talks on Israel, TV apperances and a vibrant and active social media presence.

NWFOI in Pictures
NWFOI in Pictures
Steering Committee
Steering Committee

IsrAction Day is an International grassroots campaign standing up for Israel, fighting BDS and supporting local communities.


In previous years this has been achieved by purchasing Israeli goods in supermarkets where you live and donating them to the needy in your community during the Chanukah / Christmas season.

This year we are running IDF IsrAction 2018

Sustain The South - Support Our Soldiers!


This Chanukah 2018 we are running a special IDF IsrAction campaign.


To donate CLICK HERE


We will be sending pizza and doughnuts to our brave Chayalim guarding Israel on its Southern Borders as a lovely Chanukah treat.


This food will be purchased from businesses located in Southern Israel who are facing economic hardship due to the ongoing attacks and need help.

  • £5 will buy five jam doughnuts

  • £5 will buy one shawarma

  • £10 will buy one large pizza pie

  • £20 will buy one large pizza and 4 large portions of chips

  • £125 will buy a unit of 30 soldiers falafel in pitot and side dishes


To donate CLICK HERE


Thank you for your support! Todarabah!

Launched in 2014, the campaign is the brainchild of  North West Friends of Israel and Sussex Friends of Israel and has been partnered by organisations, embassies and communities worldwide.


Upcoming Events

  • Enough is Enough - Say No to Anti-Semitism 2018
    Enough is Enough - Say No to Anti-Semitism 2018
    Sun, 16 Sept
    Cathedral Gardens
    16 Sept 2018, 12:00 – 14:00
    Cathedral Gardens, Corporation St, Manchester M4 3BG, UK
    16 Sept 2018, 12:00 – 14:00
    Cathedral Gardens, Corporation St, Manchester M4 3BG, UK
    Now more than ever, the Jewish community is under attack. Antisemitism is at its highest levels ever & Jewish people & their supporters are being vilified, abused & demeaned. We will not let them win! Stand with us on September 16th in Cathedral Gardens, Manchester from 12-2pm.
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